A brightly colored handwoven shawl is draped on a white mannequin in a white gallery space.


blanket View project
A woman wearing ochre colored overalls wears a brown, tan, white gradation shawl in a white and wooden gallery space

Local Shades

black walnut View project
A detail of handwoven softly graded grey to white to brown diamond pattern raw silk fabric on a wood floor


black walnut View project
a woman wears a shawl of handwoven fabric of Naturally dyed subtle rainbow hues in a mountain landscape

Morning Illuminations

black walnut View project
handwoven diamond pattern and geometric details in browns, tan, yellows, whites and pinks

Sweet Darkness

black walnut View project
A woman stands atop a boulder wearing a handwoven striped blanket, in a majestic mountain valley

Woolen Blanket - Comfort in Darkness

2021 View project
Woman wearing Handwoven Naturally Dyed Merino Blanket in the desert

Ancient Dialogue Blanket

black walnut View project
A multicolored woolen blanket being held by four hands agains a white concrete wall.

A Nomad's Blanket

black walnut View project