Purple Fairy Club Fungi

Sweetness everywhere. My favorite new shirts this summer are my mushroom print crop tops. Blending into the forest floor and celebrating the bounty! This shirt is printed with a tessellation of one of my photos of a Purple Fairy Club fungi 🌲 It is available in my etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Newtribetextiles

Indigo Mandala

In a week or so, I will also have some new naturally dyed scarves up for sale. This one will be indigo and indigo-marigold dyed 4-ply raw silk I dyed years ago. Woohoo to using up materials!!!

Colors Emerging

I went to my favorite black walnut picking spot up in the mountains, and most of the trees were completely bare of any fruit! I couldn’t believe it! I did find two trees with still very green fruit, and also decided to give dyeing with the leaves a try since the fruit was so sparse. 🌳 The green black walnuts are creating the most wonderful greens I’ve ever gotten, and the leaves are producing a perfect grey. The wonder of natural dyeing never ceases to amaze, small changes process can create drastically different results.

More Rainbows

MOOORE RAINBOWS!!!!! …which I love. 🌈☺️ I’ve got my small loom warped up with merino and ready to make lots more warm and cuddly things for fall. (This piece was a made by request) My shirt was made by @bohemianfolkclothing