Jeannie Ortiz explores what it means to be human by drawing from the natural world to create objects of protection, adornment, utility and symbolism.  Her work begins with threads of silk, cotton, linen, alpaca and wool – materials at the foundation of human civilization. Magical alchemy brings colors to life through the dyeing of fibers with harvested leaves, roots, flowers, fruits and fungi.  Weaving integrates these elements with the zen like repetition of the technological marvel that is the handloom. Uniting this whole process is nature whom informs both her materials and imparts the spark of inspiration.

The meditative process by which the threads come to life is central to the creation of Jeannie’s work.    The process of weaving exists within a well-worn trail that has wound its way through all of human history.  Each thread passed through the loom adds a new layer to an ancient story, a new mode of exploration and intimate expression is revealed.   Through this work she is honored to carry this ancient craft into the future, weaving pieces that can be worn, used and loved for generations. 

Explorations in physical expressions of art through aerial dance and movement. For the past 6 years Jeannie has been diving into the world of aerial dance and performance. Her story is just beginning to emerge into this world, and who knows what form it will take.

Daily Workings

  • Mint, merino and a railroad spike.

    While visiting some friends I harvested a pile of mint that was overtaking the garden. Into the pot I put an iron railroad spike as mordant. ….and oooh this pot smelled yummy.

  • Choke cherries!

    What a bounty there is, bushes by the river, along roadsides and skirting fields are heavily laden with the deep purple fruits. I sure wish I were able to can up some jams right now, but a little dye pot and syrup for vanilla ice cream will do.

  • Preparing for adventure

    …constructing all the pieces. Yesterday I sewed up a sil-nylon cover for my little loom to protect it from the elements. I’m so excited to be able to weave on the road again, in all of my favorite wild places.