Handwoven wool, walnut wood and rusty nails wall hanging sculpture with long brown shaded fringe on a white wall

Atomization After Fruiting Bodies

black walnut View project
Red Coral & Wool Adornment hanging on a small oak frame on a white wall

Red Coral & Wool

adornment View project
A detail of handwoven softly graded grey to white to brown diamond pattern raw silk fabric on a wood floor


black walnut View project
a woman wears a shawl of handwoven fabric of Naturally dyed subtle rainbow hues in a mountain landscape

Morning Illuminations

black walnut View project
New moon

New moon

banana silk View project
handwoven diamond pattern and geometric details in browns, tan, yellows, whites and pinks

Sweet Darkness

black walnut View project
a long piece of handwoven fabric in a naturally dyed rainbow is stretched out in a dense green forest

Boundless Love Handwoven Art Yardage

black walnut View project
Woman holding a shawl of many soft colors out behind her, she stands in the speckled light of a green orchard

Solari Handwoven Art Yardage

black walnut View project
Handwoven fabric in soft shades of grey, pink, yellow and earth laying on a wooden floor

Leylines Handwoven Art Yardage

black walnut View project
naturally dyed brown, fuchsia and tan fringed infinity scarf on a white mannequin bust in the desert

Lichen & Cochineal Infinity Scarf

lichen dye View project