The plums say it’s spring, and so do I. I’ve been trying on all of the new necklace-adornment creations I’ve been making, just to feel them out. 🌞 The verdict is they really feel good, and I’ll have to keep some for myself. The two I’m wearing now have local #petrifiedwood and #limestone #nautalis #fossil […]

Celebrating the Circle The Moon cradles our hearts . El Toro y la Luna All things hang in balance. . At the center rests a hand formed Sterling Silver Moon adorned with rainclouds. We dance for rain. . Reflections as creation now in my Etsy shop. See all the details there. The beautiful #mexicanturquoise #beads […]

These past weeks away from my studio I’ve finally found time to work on some adornment pieces that I’ve been stewing over for some time. Grape chalcedony and a hematite and quartz raven skull being integrated into wearable art.