handwoven raw silk fabric with a textured diamond pattern in shades of blue, warm sunset and white-straw-brown


antique beads View project
A handwoven sculptural necklace of black coral and mother of pearl hanging on a wooden frame

Black Coral & Mother of Pearl

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A white mannequin wears a white sculptural tubular knot work necklace with beads and a walrus tooth goddess at the center

The Goddess

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A woman wears a yellow, grey and orange diamond weave shawl with a beaded and knotwork necklace of many colors.

Earth & Fire Talisman

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A handmade necklace of red, green, orange, purple precious stones and knotwork lay on a gray log

Patterns of Nature Talisman

adornment View project
A woman wearing a pale purple top and long stone talisman necklace with dangling beads stands in front of a white mud wall

A Small Gathering of Adornments - August

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A 4 strand pale blue beaded necklace with a thin crystal centerpiece is on a white painted mannequin

Endless Sky

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