A woman wears a necklace with a silver crescent, moon and emerald and cat beads

Colombian Emeralds and Cat Eye Luna Necklace

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A painted white mannequin wears a necklace with a silver Crescent moon shape And beads of Amber Quartz

Sunrise Luna Necklace

beadwork View project
A necklace of semi precious stone beads with a silver and gold moon at the center rests on a woman

Luna & Gold Stars

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A white colored female form mannequin wears a sculptural necklace of silver chain, stones and knotted basket tube

Creature Remnants

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Hand holding silver hoop necklace with purple amethyst spears protruding from the bottom.

Amethyst Moon Necklace

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woman wearing  copper crescent moon necklace with blue beads

Monsoon Moons Necklaces

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