A detail of handwoven diamond pattern fabric in shades of red, pink and purple

The Red Threads Handwoven Art Yardage

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A woman wearing a many rainbow colored shawl stands in bright desert light on a Rocky Mountain

Interwoven Chakras

handwoven View project
On a wooden floor rests handwoven fabric in shades of purple, mauve, burgundy and grey


large weavings View project
Detail of handwoven highly textured diamond pattern raw silk fabric in black, browns, red, yellow and blues

Extensive Tapestry Woven Details

weaving View project
handwoven raw silk fabric woven with a diamond pattern in rainbow, gray, brown and cream colors

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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Handwoven fabric with a diamond pattern in brown, cream, white and rainbow colors


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Handwoven fabric with a diamond weave pattern in shades of brown, blue and rainbow lays on a wooden floor

Prismatic Rain

Organic cotton-linen View project
Handwoven fabric with a diamond texture pattern in natural browns, grey, purples, reds, turquoise, yellow, orange and pink.

Glittering Eyes Handwoven Art Yardage

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handwoven diamond pattern and geometric details in browns, tan, yellows, whites and pinks

Sweet Darkness

black walnut View project
details of geometric shaped, natural and rainbow colored handwoven, diamond pattern fabric on a wooden floor


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