Handwoven diamond pattern fabric in rich shades of fall and earth laying on a wooden floor

Shady Grove

yardage View project
A handwoven length of fabric in shades of white, gray and black with a textured diamond pattern lays on a wooden floor.

Silver Linings

handwoven View project
handwoven raw silk fabric with a textured diamond pattern in shades of blue, warm sunset and white-straw-brown


antique beads View project
A detail of raw silk handwoven fabric in a rainbow of hand dyed colors with circular moon-like details

Perpetual Possibility

chilkat details View project
A detail of handwoven softly graded grey to white to brown diamond pattern raw silk fabric on a wood floor


black walnut View project
a woman wears a shawl of handwoven fabric of Naturally dyed subtle rainbow hues in a mountain landscape

Morning Illuminations

black walnut View project
New moon

New moon

banana silk View project
A long piece of handwoven fabric in lilac purple, dark brown and earth tones is stretched out against a blue sky

Breath Handwoven Art Yardage

yardage View project
A woman wearing a many rainbow colored shawl stands in bright desert light on a Rocky Mountain

Interwoven Chakras

handwoven View project
On a wooden floor rests handwoven fabric in shades of purple, mauve, burgundy and grey


large weavings View project