Joyous Thunder

The random draw for Joyous Thunder Handwoven Art Yardage is now under way and will end on Monday October 21st. You can get all the details, and enter the draw here –

On the roller

The less glamorous side of running a gallery. Making things look pretty around here at @desertarchaic getting ready for a few big weekends. We have #arthop this Saturday, and #meteoric the following weekend. Come on down, it’s gonna be fun!

Mushrooms for Color

I am finally fulfilling the dream of dyeing with mushrooms. (I am aware it is a strange dream) A few weeks ago, while in the Pacific Northwest, I harvested and dried a few species of fungi to try dyeing with. (And of corse some for eating too) This is Hypomyces lactifluorum aka lobster mushroom. I have longed to find them for years, but have never had the opportunity as I live in the desert. They are every bit as beautiful and delicious as I thought they would be…and what a gorgeous surprise emerging from the dense green of the forest! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough to get the pinks I was looking for, but that’s ok, I’m happy to try it anyway.

Warrior in the Forest

I’m so excited to finally share these shots taken earlier in the summer of me wielding this gorgeous hand forged sword by #forgedinfire champ @ashe.and.hammer 🌲 Being in the forest with beautifully creative friends is the best! 🌲 My top was handwoven with organic cotton-linen, hand-spun colorgrown cotton and Italian linen blend. It is available or sale and will be on display @desertarchaic gallery. Please PM if you are interested.




Skirt is by @bohemianfolkclothing

Photos are by @chantalelenamitchell and @kyleparkercunningham

Inspiration and Homecoming

I am always happy to come home to the desert. It is the place where I truly feel rooted and free. …Despite coming home to a house that had been broken into by a squirrel and I’ve had to spend days of clean up and fixing, I love it here. 😕 These photos are from the #petrifiedforest #nationalpark , a quick stop made on the way home, and I will most certainly be using these as inspiration for a weaving soon!