Preparing for adventure

…constructing all the pieces. Yesterday I sewed up a sil-nylon cover for my little loom to protect it from the elements. I’m so excited to be able to weave on the road again, in all of my favorite wild places.

Rainbows and dry wheat.


I love the softness of this piece that is coming to be.

Handwoven Skirt

Here’s a little something different from the last batch of weavings, a custom wrap skirt for a friend made from 100% handwoven fabric. It was designed to be worn over @bohemianfolkclothing leggings and pants.

New Scheme

In pondering the colors for my next piece I felt drawn to the natural white of the raw silk and some soft and simple color gradations. This piece will be available via random draw for a chance to purchase once it is finished.

Sweet Lemons

I think this may be my second favorite of the bunch, Sweet Lemons. The weft is raw silk and it is made of the last piece on my 2020 warp, knotted together with the first piece on my 2021 warp. 💛🍋💛

Cochineal and Black Walnuts

This one is my favorite of the bunch, but I’m just a sucker for Cochineal dyed raw silk.

See all about each scarves, and choose from them here:


It is still hard for me to believe that ten years ago I was living out of a home-built camper, creating my first warps on a loom, beginning to sell my creations on Etsy and HOPING with all my might that when I got to somewhere with internet that someone would have bought something. I am so grateful to be where I’m at now. Unbelievably grateful to be able to share my work with the world. I don’t think this feeling will ever get old. Thank you all. 🙏🏽

This is one of my first ever warps off of the loom!

All That We Cannot See Handwoven Art Yardage

A name has been drawn for All That We Cannot See Handwoven Art Yardage. Thank you so very much to all of you for supporting my work!

This piece was woven by me here at my home-studio in New Mexico on a warp of Organic Cotton-Linen and a weft of naturally dyed raw silk. The dyes used in this piece were black walnut leaves and fruits, buckthorn leaves and fruits, rabbit brush flowers and leaves, marigolds, rustic, osage, lobster mushroom, sandalwood and cochineal. (…and there may be others that I’ve forgotten now)

Colors and forms can play to the the notion of separating space with our ideas. Whether we choose to be fluid or rigid in our thinking and understanding is up to us. I like my weavings to be a reminder of our irrevocable connection to each other and to the earth.

The Artist Athlete

I’m quite happy with this scarf I made for The Artist Athlete.