I’ve always been a rock collector. On all my travels, whether living out of a backpack, minivan or house, I’ve gathered special rocks. I can’t help it….I have been known to carry them home on a run or backpacking trip. This piece of #selenite was found here in our local mountains and I am finally […]

I’ve been feeling the real need for quite a while to use up all these wonderful materials that I’ve collected over the years. This includes #spinning up lots of yummy fibers and finishing projects that, for one reason or another, I’ve put on hold for months or years. These things have been peering at me […]

Already dreaming of summertime in the mountains, hoping for summer storms and the fungi that follow. This pillow has two photos I took in the mountains of colorado of a Boletus edulis and an Amanita muscaria. Very frequently these two beautiful #mushrooms are found growing near to each other. Just to spread the mush love […]