Liquid stone

I am going to try to stay on top of listing new creations in my Etsy shop, instead of letting them pile up in my studio. This piece is Liquid stone against your skin. At the center of this piece resides a double terminated quartz crystal that I drilled with three holes. The strands are […]


Starting this piece today. 🌈❀️ There can never be too many rainbows in this world. It feels like a good place to step back to the loom, in love, celebration and honor. . This piece will be up for sale once it is finished. 🌞

Where Woods Meet Water

Where Woods Meet Water Handwoven Art Yardage was woven on a warp of organic cotton-linen with a weft of raw silk. It is 3.8 meters in length, flowing through the elemental colors of the forrest, earth, ether and water.Β 

Disappearing Scarves

Two new scarves. They were listed in my Etsy shop, but disappeared before I got a chance to post about them. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜ I am continually blown away and so very grateful for your support of my work. Thank you. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Black Walnut Dyeing

Getting a few more skeins of raw silk (and a pair of pants) dyed with black walnuts. Yummy!!! If anyone here in #truthorconsequences wants the this dye bath, I’m happy to pour it in a jug for you to take. I’m done with it, but it still has plenty of potency to dye more things. […]

Turtleback Talisman

Two things. Firstly, I don’t know anything about makeup. I would like to find some good quality, organic, hypoallergenic makeup for my aerial performances. Any suggestions? I have NO idea where to begin and the options are totally overwhelming. 🌱 Second, I just posted this new Turtleback Talisman in my Etsy shop. It was created […]