Crystal Dress

Dance in the radiant sunlight, floating in warm rays near a hidden spring

Drawn by mysteries we will never find the end of

Wrapped in love and light

The creation of this wearable sculpture was many years in the making.  Its centerpiece was born as one of the elements I created for a fiber show years ago. (It is shown in the photos in its original form displayed in a handmade Walnut wood frame)  For years I stewed on how to ‘complete’ this piece, never feeling it would be finished until it had another component.  Finally it felt right, all coming together in layers of raw silk and silk gauze, some in their natural white and some lightly dyed with back walnuts.

The centerpiece was created of raw silk, formed with freeform knot work.  Into this structure are embedded spectacular Tibetan double-terminated smokey quartz points.   At the ends of the fringe and on the ties at the neck are rutilated quartz beads.