Ancient Dialogue Blanket

A journey, woven

This is one of those pieces that flowed into being as a wordless poem, structured in color and form from gifts of the earth. Ideas and feeling that are bound up in my mind that seem to only be able to take shape through the threads. Strength, spirits, the ancient lines, emergence, creation, ghosts and grief.

This blanket was woven with both a warp and weft of naturally dyed Merino fiber. Through the warp run lines of golden yellow, dyed with home grown marigolds. The other natural dyes used in this piece were cochineal, black walnut leaves, black walnut fruits, blanket flower, pomegranate skins, pecan shucks, madder, Fustic, sandalwood and sage.

Honestly, I’ve been having a hard time letting this piece go. Before the world changed so drastically I had hoped to find a show or gallery to put it in. (other than my own gallery) But alas, I’d rather it go out into the world and be loved than wait for the world to change again. I must make room for new creations, as that is inevitable.