All That We Cannot See Handwoven Art Yardage

A name has been drawn for All That We Cannot See Handwoven Art Yardage. Thank you so very much to all of you for supporting my work!

This piece was woven by me here at my home-studio in New Mexico on a warp of Organic Cotton-Linen and a weft of naturally dyed raw silk. The dyes used in this piece were black walnut leaves and fruits, buckthorn leaves and fruits, rabbit brush flowers and leaves, marigolds, rustic, osage, lobster mushroom, sandalwood and cochineal. (…and there may be others that I’ve forgotten now)

Colors and forms can play to the the notion of separating space with our ideas. Whether we choose to be fluid or rigid in our thinking and understanding is up to us. I like my weavings to be a reminder of our irrevocable connection to each other and to the earth.