Women Handwoven Art Yardage

A custom work of Handwoven Art Yardage. Woven with a warp of organic cotton-linen and a weft of hand dyed raw silk. I love how well it blends into this desert landscape.

A sweet stack.

9 lbs 2oz of fiber, 77.1 feet of warp. I measure and weigh all of the pieces that come off my looms, entering them into a spreadsheet so I can see how much I weave and use every year. It’s really just out of curiosity to see year over year the weight and volume of… Continue reading A sweet stack.

The Lacuna

‘’The most important thing about a person is always the thing you don’t know.” I recently finished ‘The Lacuna’ by Barbara Kingsolver and this quote stuck with me. Though our perceptions of ourselves and each other can seem so fixed and true, there are always more nuanced ways to understand things. This story was running… Continue reading The Lacuna

The palette

Naturally dyed colors rolling onto the loom. This piece will be available for sale via random draw soon.