Fuzzy elf

Today I was told I look like a fuzzy elf, and I feel quite ok with that. Especially with a rainbow on my forehead. I’ve barely taken off my Bomber Scarf since I finished it. Relishing the coziness these days.


I guess climbing was a little rough on my hands yesterday. Luckily today I’m working with cashmere

New things

New naturally dyed colors, and my new knit alpaca jumpsuit by https://woollywhotknots.com For the past few years I’ve been buying myself a new wooly creation from my beautiful friend every winter. I cherish them all! I also am so excited to dive into some new, wooly projects myself with these new colors!

Deer woman

I don’t know why it took me so long to adorn my loom with this beautiful illustration of Deer Woman by Weshoyot Alvitre, but I’m so happy I get to look at this every day now.

Onion Skin Dye

More colors brewing. Years worth of onion skin collection into the dye pot.

Light & Warp

I love watching threads roll through the tension box, especially with this warm winter light flooding into my studio.


Dyeing with sandalwood. I’m in need of some oranges, so here we go.

Bomber Scarves

A shimmering batch of Bomber Scarves is headed to my online shop soon. Yesterday I made a silly little sketch of what I imagine when I think of the Bomber Scarves in action, silken scarves blowing in the wind, a wing-walker and a biplane.💛This scarf was woven on the naturally dyed rainbow warp of seacell-Swiss… Continue reading Bomber Scarves