End of the warp

I’ve reached the end of the warp! 😳 Yikes! I feel like the end of the warp always sneaks up on me.

Face Cloths

The texture of these face cloths for Wildcare is so deLIGHT-full! The weft is a lovely cotton-linen that I dyed with cochineal and black walnuts. https://www.hellowildcare.com

Bomber Scarves on the way

A new warp on my small loom, naturally dyed merino-silk rainbow for some simple scarves coming into being.

Little loom

Warping my little loom with a naturally dyed merino-silk warp ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍🖤 Its been a number of years since I made a batch of Bomber scarves and figured it was about time.

Creations coming soon

Kyle Parker Cunningham & I have reworked our imaginings of @desertarchaic gallery, and coming soon all of our creations will be available online. https://desertarchaic.com Please sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know. https://tinyletter.com/newtribetextiles This Ethereal Scarf will be one of the pieces available. It was woven on a warp of organic… Continue reading Creations coming soon

Naturally Dyed Rainbow

This is perhaps the most beautiful naturally dyed pallet I’ve ever created in one go. And, I’ve still got more colors in progress and on the way. Please enjoy this eye candy.

Sigh of relief

We have a long way to go as a country, but if we keep fighting, change will come. Love your fellow human beings. Seek truth! In today’s daily workings, here we have freshly dyed and wound balls for my next project chilling on my current project. All of the fibers here were naturally dyed, the… Continue reading Sigh of relief

Rinsing Skeins

Rinsing the cochineal dyed fibers in our hot springs water. Underneath the town of #truthorconsequences flows a #hotsprings aquifer, in some places only a few feet under the surface of the ground. We are lucky enough to have a shallow well and 98 degree water, which is perfect for summer splashing, or rinsing naturally dyed… Continue reading Rinsing Skeins

Upcoming things

Busy days around here, weaving, dyeing, website work & preparing my online shop (at jeannieOrtiz.com) for a bundle of new creations. To be the first to know when the shop will be stocked, sign up for my mailing list if you haven’t already. http://tinyletter.com/NewTribeTextiles (Don’t worry, I don’t send many emails) The silk dress shown… Continue reading Upcoming things