Pomegranates & Snow

Pomegranate harvest ❤️ I’m so happy I harvested all our pomegranates last week…because the last two days have been SNOWY! What?!? It’s not supposed to snow in #truthorconsequences in October 😬 The staple of my summer wardrobe has been my #mushroomladies tank top and a @bohemianfolkclothing skirt. You can find the Mushroom Ladies tank in… Continue reading Pomegranates & Snow

For the orange girl

I just finished weaving my sister’s piece today. I’m not sharing any of the ‘good’ bits of it in until it is off the loom because I want it to be a surprise. (Sorry Alida 🙃😙)

Rabbit Brush a-boiling.

I’m going to have quite a new rainbow of naturally dyed fibers in the next few weeks. Lots of experimenting and new colors (I hope). I’m so excited.


Breathing a sigh of relief to be back in my studio. I just drew two names, and sent emails to two people for custom spots 💜💜💜 Thank you all for your patience. I’m sure I’ll be drawing more names as the fall rolls along.


I’m so happy to be back in New Mexico. This is truly my heart place. Stay tuned, I think you’ll be excited about tomorrow’s announcement.