Needing the purples

I am just really feeling the need to work with these colors, so this is what is happening. 💜

What’s next?

As soon as I’m done weaving this hand-spun color-grown cotton garment, I’m going to start weaving a larger piece that will be up for sale. How long should it be? What length would you like?

Still Creating

I don’t know what to say other than than I’m still here, working, creating, pondering. There are really important shifts taking place in the world, and in this country right now. Let the ripples be felt by all! #nojusticenopeace

Happy Solstice

May you all be able to enjoy some lightness and sunshine today. I just listed three scarves in my online shop. 🧡 This piece was woven on a warp of organic cotton-linen with a weft of raw silk and chunky pattern-woven details of sari silk threads from India.