Draw Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be drawing a name for a chance to purchase Dynamic Float. I realized that I didn’t share this photo of it unfurling from the loom, so I thought I would now. All the info is here – https://forms.gle/rcmVoTgsV39z3cUr9 Floating along.

The days got busy somehow.

Being busy had always been my way to cope. It is my default, maybe to a fault. Today I’m making progress on the centerpiece of my current custom work, being weird in the garden and got almost 100 masks shipped to the Navajo Nation….and the day is not done.

Rainbow Pieces Blanket

Rainbow Pieces.A collection of love.This is the first piece I wove this year, upon returning to the loom after injuring my shoulder. It is a celebration of process and transformation. With each end there is a new beginning.Handwoven by me in my New Mexico home-studio, this blanket – shawl was woven on a warp of… Continue reading Rainbow Pieces Blanket

Naturally Dyed Etherial Scarf

I am blown away by your support of my work. Thank you, thank you 🙏🏽 The pieces I posted in my online shop are sold, however I will be announcing about a random drawing for a large weaving soon. 💚

Color-grown & Hand-spun

I’m feeling so grateful to share my creations with the world right now. This top was made on a warp of organic cotton-linen with a weft of handspun color-grown cotton and Italian cotton-linen. There are still a few pieces of my one of a kind handmade clothes available in my online shop.

Khadi Cloak

This cloak is from my Selvage Line of one of a kind handmade clothing.It was sewn with beautiful and lustrous handwoven silk brought home from India. It has two large pockets on the front. The arm holes are edged with black walnut and Cochineal dyed raw silk.

Summer Jacket

A small collection of my hand made one of a kind clothing is now in my online shop. Since @desertarchaic gallery is closed indefinitely, all creations are migrating to the online world. 🌵 This summer jacket was made from up-cycled raw silk that I dyed with black walnuts. My skirt is by @bohemianfolkclothing

Custom time

Hello beautiful people. Im ready to take on a new custom. If you haven’t already entered the new list you can do so now via this link – https://forms.gle/AvFr5FZNSVYDmWxt7 I will be drawing a name tomorrow morning (Wed. April 15)