Lost and found

Thanks for the good thoughts everyone, I found it! It could have been buried in the garden from all the yard work, or flung across town from the errands I ran…but it end up buried in a pile of fabric I’d been digging through for a sewing project. It feels so good to to be… Continue reading Lost and found

Spinning and podcasts

Spinnin’ some organic color grown cotton and listening to my new favorite podcast, Ologies 🐝 Seriously people, give it a listen, it is supremely smart and funny. https://www.alieward.com/ologies

LBMs on the brain

It feels really good to be creating something simply because I am amused by it. I don’t think i do this enough. Combining my mushroom photography with Italian vogue images. Just because. They, along with my ‘straight up’ mushroom images, will be on display Desert Archaic gallery starting next this Friday.

Rainbow Warrior

‘’We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still.’’ – Carl Sagan☀️Though linear time (and society) tells us we are long disconnected from our ancestors, I feel quite the opposite. We are still human, still searching, still creating, wondering , surviving. All inspiration is bound in hope and possibly for me, it is not just… Continue reading Rainbow Warrior

Playing with materials.

Seeing what happens. I’ve made a few minimal necklaces with stones I’ve found and drilled, on a cord of hand-twined raw silk. (The same fiber I weave with) A small collection of them will be coming to my shop soon. 🤍🙏🏽🤍


What began a few days ago as a simple installation for the Truth or Consequences Brewing combining my mushroom photography with the art of Chantal Elena Mitchell , has morphed into something far more wild and inspiring in my brain than I ever imagined it would be. I don’t have the words for it yet,… Continue reading Surprises

I have many loves.

Before there was weaving, there was photography, before that was ceramics…and underlying them all has been my love of crawling around the forest floor in search of these beautiful and mysterious fungi-creatures. I am gathering all my photos from years of forest exploration, and putting together a show that will be on display Desert Archaic… Continue reading I have many loves.

Chalcedony & Citrine

Luminous Stones with which to adorn the body. Just added to my online shop are a few of my new creations. https://jeannieortiz.com This piece is a combination of stones that seem to shine with an inner light. The center stone is a Zambian Citrine point that I drilled here in New Mexico. The stone beads… Continue reading Chalcedony & Citrine

Old and new.

I’m still in computer work mode, sorting and organizing. This one is from last year when one of my very first large weavings was sent back to me to be converted into some clothing. This beautiful shawl-size piece was what was left over. 💛💗💛 Mural in the background is by @kyleparkercunningham (it is on the… Continue reading Old and new.

Out in the world.

I just wanted to share this image of the gorgeous @ruahbe rocking one of my sculptural cashmere cowls. It makes me so happy knowing my creations are out in the world, being loved and adorning beautiful souls. 🤍💛🤍