Me and My Scarves

This weekend only my newest batch of cozy-cuddly-sculptural cowls will be available @desertarchaic gallery in #Truthorconsequences #newmexico Whoever is left will be available in my brand new online store on Monday.

Beginning anew

I’m really happy to be sitting back at my big loom with raw silk running through my fingertips.


Astro-bee and the fall-ing leaves. 🐝🐝🐝 One of the most joyous things I can think of being under a tree loosing its leaves. . . This Astro-bee tank is available in my Etsy shop —- —- The image is from an intaglio print brought to life by @kyleparkercunningham . . Photos by the wonderful… Continue reading Astro-bee

Lost Highways in my mind

While weaving in the warm fall sun I’ve been listening to a fascinating and entertaining new podcast,

Bits and pieces

I have enough wool for one more bits and pieces blanket, and I’m really excited.

Roots on Top

This handwoven naturally dyed merino and vintage cashmere felt piece found a new home this weekend. It was on display at @desertarchaic and lucky for me will be staying around #truthorconsequences ❤️ I can’t wait to see it on its new owner ❤️ Thank you for taking such awesome photos @Monicajanefrisell

Ocotillo. Fall sunset. Handwoven blanket.

Thank you @monicajanefrisell for capturing these wonderful photos, I am having so much fun sorting through them. I feel like you truly captured me and my work in a really special way! And it was fun! I am going to have a few large pieces available for sale soon.