Joyous Thunder Handwoven Art Yardage

A random draw for a chance to purchase Joyous Thunder Handwoven Art Yardage is now under way and will close on Monday October 21st.
This piece was woven by me here at my home-studio in New Mexico on a warp of Organic Cotton-Linen and a weft of raw silk. It is 5.3m in length with short hand knotted fringe on each end. ______________________________
Thoughts on this piece:
While weaving my way through this piece I was exploring the windows of being, looking inward and peering outward. What do I see when gaze out, with eyes wide and looking without judgment? Trying to see all things as the seamless flow that it is, and not as fragmented bits. Pixels floating. Eyes pulled by the moon, pulling my body not up into the clouds but deeper into the earth.
Weaving as a meditation on spaces. Creating simple shapes to find the place where the internal can become external. Windows that arise can be physical objects, or emotional spaces. Sometimes with the veils (or curtains) still in tact, torn, parted, or pulled away entirely. The flow of creation and thought is as the flow of a day, rolling across the sky. Clockwork.