Cochineal in the Deep Dark Forest

The depth of life in the darkness of the Redwood forest is unbounded! Although this piece sold already, I waned to share these photos. This piece was woven with a weft of 4-ply raw silk that was dyed with Sandalwood, Cochineal and Black Walnuts.

Indigo Shadows

I am so happy I brought some handwoven pieces with me to finish and photograph on the road. To be among the giant Redwoods was such a gift! Two Etherial Scarves are now available in my etsy shop. This one is extra long (using up all of my indigo dyed fiber) and was dyed with… Continue reading Indigo Shadows

A. Muscaria Dress

Becoming part of the forest.This dress is printed with tessellated photographs of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms that I took high in the Rocky Mountains. You can find it here in my etsy shop –

Fungi in the Redwoods

In the next few days I will be sharing lots of new photos from the magical Redwoods and some new creations! This Purple Fairy Club Fungi top is available in my Etsy shop, and the skirt is by Bohemian Folk Clothing. The top, and other creations are here ➡️

Matching Mushrooms

My bonus sister @Delainaryland and I rocking our Earth Star tops in the fern filled forest. 💚 These tops are printed with my photos of fungi and are available in my Etsy shop – My skirt, as usual, is by @bohemianfolkclothing

More of the Story

This is not one of my usual fiber related posts, but I’d like to share because this is also an important part of my creative world. I’m feeling so ready to come at the exploration of movement this fall like I never have before. I feel like I’m moving into uncharted territory for myself. Trying… Continue reading More of the Story

Purple Fairy Club Fungi

Sweetness everywhere. My favorite new shirts this summer are my mushroom print crop tops. Blending into the forest floor and celebrating the bounty! This shirt is printed with a tessellation of one of my photos of a Purple Fairy Club fungi 🌲 It is available in my etsy shop.

Indigo Mandala

In a week or so, I will also have some new naturally dyed scarves up for sale. This one will be indigo and indigo-marigold dyed 4-ply raw silk I dyed years ago. Woohoo to using up materials!!!

Green Heart

Green is the color of life, spilling forth into each new day. Unbounded. 🌱 . . . This is the end of this piece, it will be available for sale once it is finished.