Desert Dream Weaving

Dreams in forms. Traversing the desert both on foot, and in my mind. Bare earth bisected, following ancient trails, rivers of stone.


Meditations on the mind. Woven in sandalwood and black walnut .

Mushrooms & Textiles

First boletes of the year!!!! Oh happy day!!! 🌲 I am also loving my new Earthstar top, printed with my photographs of Earthstar mushrooms from New Mexico 🌲 The shirt, along with others are available in my Etsy shop

Naturally dyed inner landscape

I’m exploring ways to construct forms to mirror my inner landscape. How to my thoughts translate into color? What would it look like to build my brain out of string? . . #allthequestions

A New Leaf

Every day I try to be more true to who I am and what I believe in. It’s been since the very beginning of my fiber art journey that I’ve felt the desire to steer away from ‘commercial ‘ dyes, and focus on natural dyes. So, it has felt really good to finally make the… Continue reading A New Leaf

Hand & scarf

Making one Ethereal Scarf in between pieces. 🌸 (It will be available for sale)

Thoughts On Being

Ive been wanting to share a little more about what is going on in the landscapes of my mind while I work, but it is not usually a very easy thing for me to do. The question of what it means to be human is something that I have silently turned over within myself since… Continue reading Thoughts On Being