Black Walnut Dyeing

Getting a few more skeins of raw silk (and a pair of pants) dyed with black walnuts. Yummy!!! If anyone here in #truthorconsequences wants the this dye bath, I’m happy to pour it in a jug for you to take. I’m done with it, but it still has plenty of potency to dye more things.… Continue reading Black Walnut Dyeing

Turtleback Talisman

Two things. Firstly, I don’t know anything about makeup. I would like to find some good quality, organic, hypoallergenic makeup for my aerial performances. Any suggestions? I have NO idea where to begin and the options are totally overwhelming. 🌱 Second, I just posted this new Turtleback Talisman in my Etsy shop. It was created… Continue reading Turtleback Talisman

Tie dye in the sky

A freshly dyed batch of tie dye onesies are now in my Etsy shop. Each is unique, and there are 3 sizes S-M-L. They are really comfy, I use them in my daily yoga & aerial practices.

Crystal Armor

Armor. Hand drilled crystals and glass beads. The crystals on the strands of this piece were found by me in the mountains of the Southwest. 🌱 I’m working on photographing and posting some of my new adornment creations in my Etsy shop.

Tool problems

Apparently you can wear out a tape measure…two in fact. On the yellow one the first 8 inches are worn off.

Daydreaming and Weaving

Im really enjoying creating this misty, watery Mississippi River inspired custom piece…it’s got me daydreaming about fulfilling my lifelong dream of paddling the Mississippi from beginning to end.

The Selvage Line

A few more #khadi silk tops are now in @desertarchaic gallery. They are very limited edition creations made from fabric I brought home from India. (I really need to make room in my studio) This piece was #naturallydyed with local black walnuts.

All the fringe

Texture, texture, more texture. There is still one naturally dyed handwoven sculptural cowl left in my Etsy shop.