Black Walnut Dyeing

Getting a few more skeins of raw silk (and a pair of pants) dyed with black walnuts. Yummy!!! If anyone here in #truthorconsequences wants the this dye bath, I’m happy to pour it in a jug for you to take. I’m done with it, but it still has plenty of potency to dye more things. […]

Turtleback Talisman

Two things. Firstly, I don’t know anything about makeup. I would like to find some good quality, organic, hypoallergenic makeup for my aerial performances. Any suggestions? I have NO idea where to begin and the options are totally overwhelming. 🌱 Second, I just posted this new Turtleback Talisman in my Etsy shop. It was created […]

Crystal Armor

Armor. Hand drilled crystals and glass beads. The crystals on the strands of this piece were found by me in the mountains of the Southwest. 🌱 I’m working on photographing and posting some of my new adornment creations in my Etsy shop.

The Selvage Line

A few more #khadi silk tops are now in @desertarchaic gallery. They are very limited edition creations made from fabric I brought home from India. (I really need to make room in my studio) This piece was #naturallydyed with local black walnuts.