Sacred Heart

A heart can be soft and open, yet still full of fire  

Over the years I’ve pulled myself away from making wearable creations just a few times to make things to adorn the home.  This piece was finished a number of years ago and has been residing in Desert Archaic gallery until now.  It is available in my online shop.

Handwoven fiber sculpture, a meditation on the heart. This piece blends handwoven elements, hand-dyed raw silk appliqué, felted sculpture and beadwork on a hand made wooden frame.   The foundational weaving was woven with both a warp and weft of organic cotton-linen.   Into this was woven a piece of raw silk handwoven fabric, created on a different loom.  The heart itself was felted of merino wool, the swirling beadwork that cradles and surrounds it was done using antique ‘white heart’ glass trade beads.