I would like to offer this opportunity to purchase this beautiful piece
that was made by a friend and fellow weaver. If you are interested or have
more question you can contact her at – konneer@earlham.edu – And here is
all the info –
Painted MamaToto Wrap’
handwoven and hand dyed with natural dyes by myself, many grown in my
garden and wildcrafted from the land, some purchased

warp is 100% organic colorgrown cotton in green and white/green

thread for hemming is organic cotton

8-harness plaited twill weave in a glorious array of naturally dyed colors
on raw silk (noil silk)
100% raw silk weft includes these natural dyes: cochineal, logwood,
goldenrod, marigolds, madder root, purple basil, bronze fennel, and one
narrow stripe of indigo dyed organic cotton, simple inlay threads

length – approximately 3.7 m flat (145") // easily gets to 4 m when
stretched (has nice stretch)
width – approx 26.5"
weight – 2lbs

natural dyes and natural fibers have therapeutic benefits! naturally dyed
silk is particularly soothing–wrapping yourself & baby in it helps with a
number of aches, pains, colds, fevers, etc…

wash in cool water with a pH neutral soap and hang dry only // I recommend
soapnuts for washing silk!