A Nomad’s Blanket. Woven in dreams. Dyed from the earth. A long cold winter is riding tails of the next cloud, it peeks over the horizon. A Tibetan Nomad’s blanket, raw, tightly woven, moth eaten, pulling apart at the seams and full of grass bits is the inspiration from which my seed grew. Woven of pure Merino wool fibers that were all dyed with natural materials, and in panels to mirror those made with backstrap looms. (a chart of all the dye samples is in the gift shop). The natural dyes used are: Sandalwood, Black Walnuts, Indigo, Daffodils, Mulberry fruit, Yellow Onion skins, Sage brush, Silver Sage, Sequoia tree moss, local tree moss, black beans, Pecan shucks, Blanket flower, Hopi Black Sunflower seeds, red chili, Madder, Coffee, Fustic and Cochineal.